Monday, March 28, 2011

Trip Favorites

Okay.  So finally here is the promised "favorites" post.  This post will include the "best of" our trip in essence and will consist of several categories.  The only criteria of favoritism for each category is unanimity between Amanda and I as to which candidate is ultimately, the favorite. I will provide a brief explanation for each category and what set the winner aside from the rest.


Toledo, Spain

While there are many beautiful and charming cities littered across South-Western Europe, Toledo is the undisputed favorite, as it has most effectively maintained its medieval layout.  It is said that the Toledo skyline has not changed for 500 years and we certainly agree, as there is no city we encountered with the charm, unique lifestyle, and proximity to cool, old stuff.
Medieval Streets of Toledo.  Barely passable by Peugeot.

Alcazar amidst city skyline.
Favorite Rental Car:

Peugeot 207

As much as I'd hate to support a French automobile manufacturer, we unanimously loved the Peugeot.  This car was quick, agile, extremely economical, and fit anything and everything in its well disguised hatchback trunk.  Viva Peugeot!

Mean as Hell.
Favorite Climbing Location:

El Chorro, Spain

Without a doubt, our favorite climbing destination of the trip was the beautiful valley of El Chorro.  The town itself is quite primitive, but the surroundings are magnificent:  A 360 degree panorama of 1000foot, limestone cliffs surrounding a huge, blue lake.  The climbing here was very good and so was the accommodation:  An awesome climber's campground fully equipped with swimming pool, trampoline, living room, kitchen, and walking proximity to most of the areas 20-30 crags.

Favorite Accommodation:

Portuguese Bungalo

Since the El Chorro campground was closely associated with the climbing location than an actual accommodation, it's quite obvious that the 9EUR/person/night bungalo in Portugal was definitely the best bargain.  This included internet access, swimming pool, beachside amenities, and a private indoor shed with refrigerator and dining area.

Not much to look at, but awesome for the price.
Favorite Restaurant:

Random Sit-down, Orvieto

This place had awesome service, a hand written menu, the best Italian food in the entire country, and the ambiance to back it up.  If only I knew the name?

Favorite Photos:

I guess this section isn't quite legitimate, because I didn't really get Amanda's opinion and I really can't bring myself to decide on a favorite.  But here are a few of my favorite shots:

Portugal Beachfront Near Lisboa

Castle In Portugal

Palacio de Pena in Portugal

Random German in Arco

Random German in Arco

Waterway Reflection in Venice

Arco View.

I don't know why I like these particular pictures more than any of the others I captured on the trip, but I do feel the group provides a pretty accurate representation of all the awesome scenes we encountered along the way.

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