Wednesday, March 23, 2011


On Sunday, after a short stop in Orvieto, we arrived in Rome and quickly returned the Panda.  We were fairly excited that our gamble to neglect purchasing the full insurance on the car had luckily worked in our favor.  After a few minutes of walking through the airport, we found the train station, and took a (rather expensive) train into the city of Rome.  As we approached the city, it became quite obvious that Rome is in desperate need of renovation and is, in general, quite null of charm.  In short, Rome is a dirty chest of world treasures.  I can honestly say my favorite thing about the city, is the presence of high quality kebab sandwiches.  In an effort to remove any personal need to ever return to Rome, we jam-packed all of the main sights into 48hours.  We saw:
1. Pantheon
2. Trevi Fountain
3. Vatican City, Museum, and Basillica.
4. Colosseum
5. Forum
6. A bunch of random monuments.

Below are a few pictures I took during the sightseeing extravaganza:


St. Peter's Basilica

Fall of the Roman Empire in the First Raphael Room of the Vatican

As of today, I am back in lovely Colorado preparing to enjoy a terrific summer in the mountains.  Plenty of climbing ahead:  as well as a trip recap and favorites post.

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