Thursday, August 25, 2016

Video Projects

April Showers Bring Pow-flowers. from Alexander Vidal on Vimeo.

CrookedCouloir from Alexander Vidal on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Irwin Skiing

Irwin Powder Lap from Alexander Vidal on Vimeo.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Colorado Trail: Self- Supported Thru-Bike. 12 Days

Beginning of the CT in Waterton Canyon.  So much of our spirits are still in tact.  

Pedalling up the road to the actual trail.

So it begins...


Pretty view of the S. Platte.


Riding through the S. Platte burn area.

Made it to Bailey to eat the famous NACHO MOUNTAIN.  We each got one and it was not possible to finish.

Truly what we were-- "The Rolling Gong Show."  

Breakfast w/ extra carcinogens.

Top of a pass on the way from Kenosha to Breck.

Cool trail marker.  Crossing the divide the 1st time of many.

Wayne, Shredding.

Descending into Breckenridge.

We received some good advice to go around the "soul-crushing" segment from Goldhill TH to Copper.

It's raining.  We are wet.  And it's uncomfortable.


Off the make believe pass towards the fake descent where we would climb another whole pass before descending.

I hate this Pika.  Really thought he owned the place.

Kokomo Pass

The steep descent into Leadville. 
Birthday waterfall swim.  It rained almost immediately after.



Descending into BV.  Pretty area.

My very favorite stop for refueling.

Out of the tent in the morning.  We got to sleep on Jed's land.  Thanks Jed.

Group shot with our new friend, Todd.

Chamois cream application.  This one is for you, Ryan.

Cool area approaching the Marshall pass climb.

Cold and morning.

Colors changing!


Soul crushing lake-break after soul-crushing Sargent's Mesa.

Sargent's Mesa sunset.

Spot this on the side of the trail, as we ride into the night. 

Thumbs down for road riding.

Awesome sunset on our way up towards Cinnamon pass.

The old Carson townsite.

Riding alpine singletrack off towards Silverton.

The tundra never ends.