Wednesday, February 23, 2011

El Chorro

We are currently camped out in El Chorro, Spain, which is a very rocky national park an hour or so North of Malaga.  It is truly a climber's paradise and there are many American, Canadian, German, and English types here that have camped out for the winter.  We are staying at the climber's campground, which has an awesome pool, kitchen, and game-room where everyone hangs out after climbing all day.  For 8 Eur/night, we really can't complain.  It is an interesting place to be, since almost no one here speaks Spanish:  A simple "Hello" is the norm in passing.  Weird.

Currently, I am using the free wifi next to the pool, in beautiful 20C weather.  It is probably about time to go climbing again.  I think we will be here until Thursday or Friday, when we will head to Granada for the night.

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