Sunday, February 20, 2011


Here is our travel route from the past couple of days:

On Friday night we arrived in Seville and found a hotel recommended by Expedia.  Unfortunately it was a little bit expensive (42Eur+10Eur/parking), but it was a quiet place to spend the night.  We are getting much better at eating out and we found a great little tapas bar where we had drinks and food for 10Eur, total.  It is very affordable to eat here if you eat when/where the locals eat.  On Saturday we toured the Plaza de los Torros, which was very cool.

We made it to Josh's house Saturday evening around 5pm, at the local time, and it has been great.  Upon arrival, we went to a local bar for the evening and then went out to dinner around 11pm.  Josh's family helped to fully experience the Spanish dining experience, which is very, very impressive (if you can find the right place to eat).  We enjoyed a huge feast and then made our way to the bars.  Unfortunately it was raining so we called it an "early" night (I think we were in by 4am).  Apparently in the summer it is not uncommon to end the night past 7am, well after the sun is coming up.  There are many Americans in this town as a result of the nearby military base, which was a nice change since we really haven't had easy communication with anyone since our arrival.

We are staying again tonight and tomorrow we are moving towards Malaga, where we will do more climbing for 3-4 days before moving again up to Costa Blanca.

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