Monday, February 28, 2011

Barcelona (Amanda's Birthday)

We are in Barcelona now after quite a bit of driving from El Chorro.  Originally, we had planned to spend the night in Costa Blanca (Sella), which is about half-way up the Eastern Spanish coast.  According to the guidebook, there is world-class climbing and a 6eur/night refugio to stay at right outside of Sella.  Unfortunately, the refugio was closed and without the climbing guidebook and ample time, it didn't make sense to attempt any of the climbs in the area.  Amanda made the executive choice (much to my chagrin) to continue driving up the coast towards Barcelona and to spend the night sleeping in the car at a truck stop.  We arrived, in tattered spirits, at the airport in Barcelona around 8AM, where I insisted we vacuum the interior of the Puegeot before the send-off party.  We returned the car and took a taxi to our hostel, which has turned out to be quite a dump (what did we want for 35Eur/night 1 block from the Sangrada Familia???).  After a nap and much to Amanda's delight, she came down with a pretty mean case of food poisoning (I told her not to drink the water and eat those prunes).  Poor Amanda spent the majority of her birthday in the hotel room and is still quite ill.  I still can not post any pictures because I do not have adequate internet access.  Hopefully I can find a cafe with high speed internet or our hotel in Rome will be more properly equipped.

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