Saturday, March 2, 2013

San Pedro/Socaire Canyon

We made the arduous drive from La Serena to San Pedro over the course of three days, with a quick intermission at Bahria Ingles, which is a bit of a beachtown.  The car broke down again in the middle of the night, roughly 200km in either direction any help other than the ever-friendly Chilean Copec gas station.  We awoke in the morning (see below) and some truck drivers kindly argued in spanish, disassembled half our engine and magically fixed whatever was keeping our vehicle from operating.  We spent two nights in San Pedro then made our way to the high altitude climbing in Socaire Canyon.

Our car broke down in the middle of the desert, so we camped here.  This weird shack was was rougly 300m from the Copec gas station.  Otherwise nothing in either direction for 200k.  The following morning some truck drivers did some magic with the car and it ran magnificently again.

Some salt on our way into San Pedro, Chile.  The car could barely muster at this point due to the altitude (not fuel injected)

The lovely town of Socaire, 3500m in elevation.

Where we parked the car to climb in Socaire Canyon, 3700m in elevation

The campsite and the climbing.

At one of the high altitude laguna's near the climbing. 13,500ft.

After our brief drive (car died) and subsequently hitchike into the Flamenco national park to see the laguna 
The car's resting spot.  We were able to get it started going downhill.

Another of the high altitude laguna.

Back to the car, hoping we can start it.

Eric climbing in Socaire canyon

Another of Eric climbing in the canyon.

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