Friday, March 8, 2013

San Pedro to Salta

The spaces inbetween:  The gringo circus was recently dissolved in San Pedro after some Climbing in Socaire, leaving us all to travel by-ourselves for a little while.  I spent a few lazy days in San Pedro, walking around and eating ice cream.  Eventually, I figured out the bus schedule to Salta, Argentina and booked my travel.  Upon arrival I found a sweet hostel for a good price and have spent the last few days just lazily walking around town and enjoying some asado and Quilmes.  The downtime has been good and quickly reminded me of my love for mountains and climbing.  I found a new sense of motivation to get down to Mendoza and do some alpine climbing in the area, Arenales.  This is the last destination on my list and I made a few last minute calls to get a partner with great success.  Tomorrow I go to Mendoza to climb some beautiful long granite alpine routes...

Money conversion hilarity.

Our bus, driving across a huge salt flat on our way to Argentina

Salta, Argentina retaining some of its colonial charm

Ah yes, graffiti.  I missed you in Chile.

The high altitude bus ride.  Nearing 16,000ft

San Pedro, being its dirty desert self.

San Pedro Church

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  1. looks like you're having a good time......I'm glad I get to sit in the armchair to view....looks like waaaaaay too much climbing!!!! LOL.