Monday, February 11, 2013

La Serena

Quick photo update:  After awaking in a pile of trash behind a gas station (set up tent in the dark), we began the perilous journey to La Serena.  After 50k or so, our car broke down and we had to call a towtruck (an interesting experience given the language gap).  We made our way to La Serena where an extremely lucky course of events brought us to a mutual friend's house and we were able to go climbing in the afternoon.  Todo Bien...

Walo, our host on his first ascent of "Hello Kitty"  5.10a

Eric, post car breakdown.  The 5 hour drive to La Serena from Santiago took almost 2 days.

The Caballero Blanco in transit from the middle of the desert to La Serena, post breakdown.

Eric explaining the situation con gatito.

The climbing area

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