Saturday, February 9, 2013

3 Canadians, 1 1992 Mazda deathtrap, 1 kitten, and a turtle

Fated as I am, Jayme and I arrived in Puerto Mont to almost immediately meet (you guessed it) more engineer/climber types from Canada.  We had originally planned to make our way around the lakes district in a rental car, but despite our best attempts we were unable to track down a car for the voyage.  Harry and Eric, our new Canadian friends offered us a whim adventure in their amazing Mazda station wagon, the "Caballero Blanco."  The roadtrip quickly escalated into a demonstration of our own complete irresponsibility:  complete with a kitten and a small turtle.  After a few days in the lakes district sampling the hot spring scene, we whimsically decided to head North to Santiago to do more climbing.  Today we will go North to do some surfing and beachside Bouldering and then back to Argentina to climb in Arenales, Mendoza.

Backseat driver scene exiting Puerto Mont in the Caballero Blanco

The radiator, which we pour water in every couple of hours.  The car barely runs and will stall if you can't find the right combination of gas pedal and choke.

The cider restaurant which coincidentally in South America means that they don't necessarily need to have cider.

Jayme in front of the awesome swimming hole in the lakes district, Chile

Kitten, "Broomhilda."  

Sebastain, our amazing host let us completely take over his entire house with 4 people, a kitten, a turtle, and an entire cars worth of gear.

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