Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Patagonia Bus Thoughts and Considerations


The phrase rings loudly in my mind as we enter the Patagonian region at 4am. The bus is swerving and shaking, the rain is falling in sideways sheets and the driver has evidently refused to reduce his speed, resulting in violent hydroplaning. Up until this point, I had never feared for my life in the seemingly safe and comfortable long-distance bus. Patagonia is notorious for its high winds and unpredictable weather, making it one of the most extreme environments in the world.


The desolate high desert scenery combined with our extremely remote location and my poor Spanish skills leave me feeling exposed. Any unforeseen would be difficult to overcome and the feeling after 25 straight hours of sleepless traveling has withered my psychological fortitude. I sit here thinking of the beautiful granite spires in Frey and begin to understand the respect the Patagonian wilderness demands from the lone visiter.


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