Sunday, December 2, 2012

Buenos Aires Part 3

THE HOLIDAY SEASON:  A misnomer in the united states, representing (misinterpreted and confused) religion, consumerism, and societal guilt.  For me, the holidays represent a comfortable period to spend with family and friends, enjoying company and relishing in the annual rest and warmth it brings to my personal life.  Thinking progressively, my secularized version of the holidays is an attempt to live by new standards and seeing this typically crazy time in a positive light. 

This year, I have hesitantly departed from the comfortable notion of Colorado friends and family to spend time in a foreign land separated by nearly 10,000 kilometers.  As my time here in Buenos Aires comes to a close, I await patiently my lifelong dream of visiting the beautiful open spaces in Patagonia, while also being extremely thankful that I was able to enjoy the warmth of family in Buenos Aires.  Thanks again to my wonderful hosts and friends, Stephane and Yulie, who have helped me feel at home during my two weeks in this crazy city.  Tomorrow I endure the 22 hour bus ride to PATAGONIA.

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