Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Frey/ El Catedral (PATAGONIA) Part 2

On Tuesday, we escaped the imminent snowy weather in El Frey/Catedral and took refuge in the town of Bariloche.  The last 5 days were moderately fruitful for climbing despite the terrible weather.  Every day we managed to get out climbing, but often the climbs were wet, snowy, and the weather completely uncomfortable.  Regardless the time spent in Frey won't soon be forgotten:  Every climb in Frey is a grand adventure, there are rarely approach trails, and getting to the climb is often an adventure in itself, with lush bushwhacking, creek travel, and 4th and easy 5th class scrambling to get to the base of climbs.  Once the climbs begin, there is almost always a question of which crack system a route follows and upon summiting, there is complete uncertainty regarding the descent and scramble back to the base of the climb, where our backpacks normally reside.  The beautiful memories of these climbs will stay with me for a lifetime.  

Myself and some of the other climbers I met in Frey are tossing around the idea of renting a car and driving ruta 40 to Chalten.  More to follow...


Torre Principal from the approach trail.  The hike in is about 12km and hardly prepares you for the awaiting beauty of El Frey

Shrine on the approach

Refugio Frey Kitchen.  A popular hangout in bad weather (almost all the time)

Mike on Sudafricana (5.10b/c)

Dan leading the crux pitch of Sudafricana

Morning view off my front porch

Racking up for a climb with some German girl we literally just met.  She almost killed me about 30 minutes later.

Looking down off la routa directa on the Spire Filip Hereon.

Summit photo with Dan and the random German girl

Crazy beautiful position during the descent

South American style sketchy rappel anchor.  It was fiiiiiinnnee

Dan leading the unprotectable chimney of death in the snow.  


  1. Unprotectable chiney of death in the snow. No thanks. Pics are awesome man!

  2. Alex, You do understand that shrines are built for someone who died near that trail, right?