Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Bariloche Christmas Intermission

Due to some pretty piss poor weather, myself and the gang of climbers I met in Frey have been enjoying
 some holiday-season style community meals and some nice days of sport climbing around town.  The snow continues to pummel the Frey/Catedral area and we must wait until another weather window presents itself.  I can't say I really mind:  the slower pace is a welcome addition to my life the past week and I have enjoyed growing great friendships with all the cool people I met while climbing in Frey.  We have enjoyed tons of asado, papas fritas, and over-indulging in patagonian wine and beer.  I am grateful to have met such a good group with which to spend the holiday and also to have a group of solid climbers to accompany me in my experience of the beautiful Patagonian alpine.  Tomorrow presents a high pressure weather window of nearly endless good weather.  We will leave early on an impromptu return to Frey to enjoy more of the amazing climbing.  

Merry Christmas.
Church in the outskirts of Bariloche

Overlooking the Laguna

An example of the wear Patagonia will put on your clothing and equipment.  So far I've retired a stove,  a pair of socks, 2 pairs of shoes, and many of my technical garments are developing holes.  This sock had been washed and was so hole-ridden and crusty that I had to toss it.

View from la Ventana, sport climbing area 
Lindsey climbing some unnamed 5.11a around Bariloche

Weird structure in a park near downtown Bariloche

Bariloche streets overlooking the laguna 
In a nice tourist town like Bariloche, there are occasionally nice little reminders you are on a third-world continent.  For example, this bus stop shelter.

School, another reminder that you are far from home.

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