Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Beginning

As I do my best to enjoy my last few days in Colorado with the presence of friends and family, I begin to bridge the gap between impossible dream and reality.  While most of my peers diligently save their money for retirement, house down-payments, and fancy new cars, I stubbornly saved mine to bring a long time dream to fruition.  Originally a half-baked fringe idea to travel a 2nd world continent, brought to reality with massively tedious planning, saving, perseverance (extreme stubborness), and a bit of luck thrown in for good measure, I will leave tomorrow for an open ended backpacking trip around the Southern American continent. 

I have only basic plans surrounding the first legs of my trip: Meetings with friends and people I barely know, with a common goal in mind.  This initial goal being to fully experience the local cultures and ingrain the undeniable beauty of one of the most remote and unscathed places on this planet.  Climbing remains a large part of this journey, with hopes of meeting like-minded people around the world as well as safely immersing myself in the Patagonian environment.  

As I travel I intend to make good use of this blog-space, where I hope to grow as a writer, storyteller, and photographer.  Bi-millennial renaissance aside, I hope this blog serves as a reminder that unhappiness is self-imposed and that extreme patience and stubbornness can bring any goal to fruition.

Tomorrow I leave the world below for a little while...


V3 Eldorado Canyon.  Kevin still trying to rescue my stuck cam.

Gonzo 1st hanging belay.  

Kevin looking off the summit of fin 3 
The gear

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