Saturday, March 5, 2011

Arco Pt. 2

Today was our first day in Arco and it was awesome.  The weather turned out to be quite nice and we made it to the Masone sector to go climbing for the better part of the day.  The rock here is very polished (slippery) and combined with our week off in Barcelona/transit, we felt in pretty bad form.  It was still fun and we cranked out a number of routes.

We have also recently realized that our budget (which we originally thought would be quite a bit too low) is quite comfortable, and today following the climbs and some pizza (pretty much the same as Abos, but 1Eur), we had massages at the spa (I'm not ashamed).  Some kind of dirtbag climbers we are, right?  Tomorrow we move out of the B&B and into an apartment in downtown Arco for two weeks.  It should be really fun.

On Monday we are headed to see the Dolomite region, which looks completely magnificent.  Thursday we are making a day-trip to Venice, and Sunday we will most likely go see the likes of Switzerland and (hopefully) go skiing.

More photos to come early this week after the Dolomite trip.  It has been either cloudy, hazy, rainy, or not scenic, so my photography (willingness to photograph things and then think they are good) has suffered.


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  1. Why is it that the only foto I have seen of you in weeks, has you making a classic grumpy face?