Saturday, June 15, 2013


Wayne's trial run of his homemade cooking equipment for the Wayne Bike Odyssey of 2013

Faithful road companion:  Like a the Subaru he/she is a little faded and tired, but still shakin' down the highway 215000 miles later.

After half a continent of desert, I was elated to see a mountain and for the temperatures to drop to something less menacing.

Welcome to Yosemite NP!

Mike following the crux pitch of after 7, 5.8 which was our intro climb to the Valley

Waiting for our new Australian friends, who we were unable to pass despite our best attempts.

The Captain

6am Vanagon lifestyle shot before climbing Nutcracker 5.9 var

Summit of the Manure Pile

Half Dome 1

Half Dome 2

Half Dome 3

Getting ready to climb a polished chimney at 6am.  Good morning!  This was the start of the Royal Arches, the first long route established in Yosemite at 15 pitches.

About halfway up the Royal arches.

The A0 swing on Royal Arches, right as the route was starting to come into the sun.  With some simuling and monster pitches, we started our 8 30-60m rappels by the time everyone had bothered to get out of bed and start the route.

Rappelling off into the valley, back to our car.

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