Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Tuesday was all about learning:  We set out to the Big Bend area in Zion to get some aid and hauling practice and stayed relatively close to the ground.  We practice our aid skills on the easy and short aid route "Organasm" and also dabbled on the first pitch of Touchstone Wall, which is our main objective in the park.  Mike unfortunately blew a small piece he was testing in the C1 section of Touchstone's P1 and hurt (broke?) his finger in the whipper.  We are taking today off to do some hiking and let Mike's finger heal a bit.  Hopefully tomorrow we can get out and place fixed ropes on the first 3 pitches of Touchstone so we can finish it the next day.

On the shuttle to Big Bend

Guidebook antics

Mike leading pitch one of Touchstone Wall

Bailing after on the first pitch after the whipper.  

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