Tuesday, March 15, 2011

End in Sight

With little to do but eat pizza, drink wine, and climb pretty limestone rocks, the past few days have literally flown  before our eyes.  We have had some great days of climbing, with many new routes under our belts.  Admittedly, I like the climbing in El Chorro (and weather) better, but we are still having fun.  I have had some successful days climbing and have bumped my climbing a whole grade since we left Colorado.  Amanda is excited that she is becoming more courageous and in general, climbing less like she is scared out of her mind.

On Sunday we awoke to a rather wintery rainstorm which whimsically forced us to travel to the Dolomite National Park for the day.  While the drive was still rather beautiful, it was hard to see the Dolomites in their true magnificence as a result of the looming storm.  Today (Tuesday) we are rained out again, but we are not too upset since we are rather tired from climbing many pitches yesterday.  On Friday, we leave Arco and head for Florence, Ovierto, and Rome.  On Tuesday (or Wednesday, I'm still not sure), we (sadly) are flying home.  Amanda will return to work and I will likely join Thomas for 3 or 4 weeks on his bus adventure.  *Don't worry Mom, I will spend some time at home before I leave again.

Look for another post or two later this week,


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