Friday, February 11, 2011


We have arrived in Madrid, Spain.  Today we obtained our rental car and got acquainted with Madrid city-driving antics and also went to see the Museo del Prado, which was pretty impressive despite our minuscule understanding of European history and Art.  Apparently it is illegal to photograph the art, which is highly disappointing, since some of these pieces are absolutely hilarious.  I was thoroughly chastised by some grumpy old Spanish woman for taking pictures.

Our "Hostel" was extremely nice for $50USD and was right in the non-tourist heart of town, which has been good for our language building.  We have also consumed our fair share of Cafe con Leche, which has also been great.  I will post more comprehensively this weekend after we become situated at our first climbing destination.

I also want to thank my Mom for providing me with some Mexican Pesos for use in the European currency system.  They laughed at me!  Thanks Mom (: 



  1. Sorry Alex, For the record-that was your DAD!!! Your lucky we didn't give you Cuban and Jamaican coins too !!