Tuesday, February 15, 2011


As of yesterday evening, we have arrived in Lisbon, Portugal.  We found a nice campground close to the beach with a small, hut, of sorts with refrigerator and dining set (but no kitchen) to the sweet tune of 9Eur/night.  Unfortunately, last night we were fairly sure we were amidst the wrath of a tropical storm, but today, the tables turned and we were able to spend the day climbing on the beach, which was absolutely amazing.  We returned from climbing, feasted on ham and cheese pizza, salami, cured ham, and bread, and then made our way to Sintra.   Supposedly, Sintra is one of the few cities in Europe that is said to have maintained its Medieval charm and here, we hoped to see some integral castles of the romantic movement and purchase lots of port.  Hopefully tomorrow will remain dry, but the forecast does not instill much hope and we are prepared to make the move towards southern Spain tomorrow.  More pictures to come with the next post...

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  1. AWESOME!!!!! I am so jealous. Are you driving Amanda nuts yet? dad